Texting and driving vs drunk driving

Texting while driving vs drunk driving believe it or not, texting while driving can be just as dangerous, if not more dangerous, than driving while drunk one study found that distracted drivers experience a 35% decline in reaction time, whereas drunk drivers only experience a 12% decline. Texting while driving is a leading cause of distracted driving however, the nhtsa reports that texting while driving is currently responsible for approximately 16 million accidents every year – about 25% of all driving accidents. Distracted driving compared to drunk driving in 2017, 2,700 teenagers died as the result of drunk driving accidents as tragic as that number is, over 10,000 teens lost their lives during a texting and driving incident in the same year.

According to a study by cohen children’s medical center, more than 3,000 teens die annually in accidents directly related to texting while driving and according to nhtsa, driving while texting is six times more dangerous than drunk driving. Distracted driving: is that driver drunk or just on their phone imagine the following scenario: you are driving down the interstate after a hard day of work when the car in front of you nonchalantly veers into your lane causing you to slam on the brakes and honk your horn. But while texting is one of the worst driving distractions, driving while talking on a hand-held phone is still, by far, the most dangerous activity that can distract drivers from focusing on the. Texting while driving, also called texting and driving, is the act of composing, sending, reading text messages, email, or making similar use of the web on a mobile phone while operating a motor vehicle.

The most common form of distracted driving – texting while driving – combines all three components at once, much like driving while intoxicated does particularly troubling texts and phone calls may also cause a driver to become angrier or more depressed, causing additional distraction. Texting and driving is a growing epidemic that could lead to the injury or death of yourself and others by taking your eyes off the road for just a moment, you instantly become a distracted driver and 23 times more likely to crash. Below is a chart comparing texting statistics of drinking and driving, road rage, eating while driving, which is more dangerous than drunk driving what makes the texting and driving statistics even more chilling is that 21 percent of all drivers admit to texting while operating a vehicle.

In 2009, car and driver conducted a driving test with their editor-in-chief and an intern to prove or disprove that texting while driving was more dangerous than drunk drivingthe first step of their experiment was to test and measure the reaction times of both drivers while driving sober with no distractions, and then while reading and sending text messages on their cell phones. We use cell phones on a daily basis but not while driving we had twin 17 year old girls killed by a cell phone user in 2002 cell phone use and texting has only gotten worse since then. Were you injured by a drunk driver or a driver who was texting while driving contact the experienced dc auto accident attorneys now call: (202) 789-8000. The converse to the statement, “driving while texting is far worse than driving drunk”, is “driving drunk is much better than driving while texting” people without special knowledge will get the wrong idea about the effects of driving after drinking. What is texting and driving the act of composing, sending, reading text messages, email, or making other similar use of the web on a mobile phone while operating a motor vehicle.

Using cell phones while driving is as bad as drunk driving updated on monday, february 12 2018 by steve bowen motorists talking on cell phones drive as badly as if they were drunk find out why you should put the cell phone away and focus on the road when driving they found voice-operated texting while driving is just as dangerous as. Distracted driving is increasingly becoming more deadly than drunk driving in ontario last month, deaths attributed to distracted driving were double that of impaired driving — 38 versus 19. The dangers of texting while driving 1:00 am et thu, 25 june 2009 none of this should surprise you sure, the headline about texting and driving being more dangerous than drinking and driving got. In massachusetts, the fine for drunk driving is 50 times the fine for texting and driving the only outlier is alaska, where the fine for texting and driving is $10,000, when the fine for driving. This is a short video that shows the dangers of texting and driving compared to that of drunk driving.

Distracted driving vs dui posted by dawn lacombe on august 10, 2016 | categories: news there’s little doubt that drunk driving poses a serious threat to the safety of other motorists. Texting & driving vs drunk driving according to the brain injury society , both distraction and drunk driving can impair a driver’s motor skills, causing them to not be able to brake is time, follow another vehicle too closely, or accidentally weave into oncoming traffic. Texting and driving vs drunk driving: is there a difference april 3, 2015 april 3, 2015 because alcohol usage predated the automobile, the problem of drinking and driving has been with us since the earliest days of the model t more than a century ago.

  • Drunk driving vs distracted driving posted on november 19, drunk driving on the decline in new york if you are caught texting while driving it is an automatic 5 points on your license dwi charges of any kind (agg dwi, dwi, dui, dwai) all result in varying fines, jail time and suspension or revocation of your license in ny.
  • But is there really proof that texting while driving is more dangerous than drunk driving even though research is just now being done to measure the effects of texting while driving, some in the automotive industry and others in research circles say that texting is definitely more dangerous than drunk driving.

In a recent year, over 28 million people admitted to driving under the influence of alcohol that’s more people than live in the state of texas 31 percent of traffic accident fatalities are a direct result of drunk driving. Texting and driving vs drinking and driving for teen drivers studies have shown that drinking and driving among teens has decreased dramatically over the past few decades livescience noted that the rates for driving while under the influence of alcohol actually decreased by more than 50 percent over the span of about 20 years. Drunk driving driving under the influence is a criminal offense yet they are still lenient in the sentencing takes multiple incidents before action is taken.

texting and driving vs drunk driving An individual who has his attention on a text message while driving at the speed of 35 mph will cover 25 ft before bringing the car to complete halt as opposed to the distance of 4 ft, which a drunk driver would cover at the same speed.
Texting and driving vs drunk driving
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